Dean of Students


Caroline M. Kiambi

Welcome to Chuka Technical and Vocational College! The Dean of Students Office is here to help you. Our office is a good place to start if you can’t figure out what to do, where to go, or who to ask.

While you are here you will learn that Chuka Technical and Vocational College is a premier TVET institution of Choice committed to offering excellence in skills and drivers for the world’s rapid economic prosperity, social development and providing tools and solutions to address national and global challenges. In the global arena, Science, Technology and Innovation are the said drivers, and that is our commitment. While our mandate is to impact knowledge, skills and attitude through research, innovation and technology for industrial revolution, we strive to develop the best in you by giving you the environment to grow all your skills and potential through Sports and Games such as Handball, Volleyball, Football, Rugby, Netball and Indoor Games such as Table Tennis, Darts, Badminton and Chess, Trade Fair and Robotics Exhibitions, Music and Drama, Religious Unions and Associations such as Christian Union, Young Catholics Association, Sabbath Day Adventists and Muslim League Society, Clubs and Societies such as Red Cross Club, Environment & Wildlife Club, Scouts & Girl Guides Movement and Ajira Digital Club, Athletics, Talents Showcase and Cultural Events amongst many other avenues. Our institution has a very vibrant and disciplined students leadership body (The CTVC Students’ Council). While you will be expected to excel in training, this should also be a period during which you should take full advantage of the available resources to grow morally, spiritually and in every other respect. In short, this is a time to grow in every way that makes you a whole human person.

It is our responsibility also to provide you with the required leadership in designing suitable plans and strategies that will contribute to high and sustainable socio-economic development in our country. We will offer you many opportunities and challenges that are all aimed at providing you with an environment within which to grow and realize your full potential. You will have to learn to manage your own time, your own money and other resources, your own freedom and so on.   

In case of any challenge at Chuka TVC don’t hesitate to get in touch with my office. Other officers such as the Principal, the Registrar, the Guidance and Counselling Officer, Indudtrial Liaison Officer, Heads of Departments, Security Officers and other administrators are here for that purpose. Most of your Trainers too will be willing to listen and guide you as to what to do, where to go and who to go to. Do not be shy to ask questions about any issue that affects you.

The Office of the Dean of Students will also help you in all matters concerning the HELB Loans, Bursaries and other financial supports pertaining to your learning. Besides, it’s the commitment of the government that you have a seamless study at TVET institutions.

CTVC will expose you to a world of career opportunities, develop your life and leadership skills, develop your spiritual and moral character, mentor and counsel you and support you in achieving your life dream. By the time you finish your one, two or three years, you will confidently say, “Thank God I joined this College, it has been a life of transformative change, morally, spiritually and academically”. That shall be your testimony!

Read the Students Code of Conduct and always keep it near you for reference. While you are here, learn to think critically and ask questions. Do not follow the crowd. Remember if anything goes wrong you will be held responsible as an individual and not as a group. May Almighty God bless your stay here at the Chuka TVC and give you the strength to persevere through whatever difficulties that may come your way.


 Located 8km along Chuka Kareni (Kathwana) road, 5km off Kaanwa market towards Mwanjati.Tharaka Nithi County.


8:00 AM – 6.00 PM
Monday – Friday


Phone: 0717 694 181 or 0732996053
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